June 25, 2009


I want to karaoke!

Kinda a short blog post huh. Maybe I should join Twitter since that's the latest rage nowadays. Will also help people keep up with me next time...

June 23, 2009


I really really need to pack my room. All the new clothes and stuff I just bought in HK and all the other random stuff lying around. Must get around to reading my books also. Things need to be put in their proper places and categorised and prioritised. Too. Much. Stuff. But I haven't had a free weekend in ages :( I need more time!!!

June 18, 2009

New Template (again!)

As much as I'm fond of the last one.. I really do prefer white-background templates. It's so much brighter and prettier...


I had started some updates on my iPhone while I was in Hong Kong. Got a bit too lazy to finish it up properly and post it. However, I did post up the pictures on FB, so I'll let those do the talking intead.

In short, I was away for the past couple of weeks. First for a personal holiday in Hong Kong where I spent infinitely more than I planned, and then a work trip for a conference to Seoul, where luckily I was all shopped out and spent a lot less. Before the trips, I was busy with the weddings. Speaking of which, it's back to weddings since I've got 3 weddings in the next month.

I've done some major damage to my wallet starting with the HK trip, which I thought wouldn't cost me anything since airtix were miles and accommodation was free! How wrong was I! I went crazy at H&M and some other shops (all Angela's fault!) and almost bought a Bottega wallet, which though I didn't, in turn led to me buying my Canon 500D (plus lenses). Bah. This was followed by crazy BB Cream and skincare sprees in Korea. I don't even use masks, creams and bb cream lor!!

The damage was further worsened tonight during the Tangs Singtel sale. Remember the dead mixer I have? Well, I replaced it.


I am a proud owner of an ice blue (aqua to me) Kitchenaid! I also errr bought a set of Henkels knives and some anodised woks after being convinced by the auntie demonstrating that they were MUST BUYS. Gosh. I think I'm certified auntie. Sigh.

But ok, I think my new KA makes me cool. Heh.
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