March 29, 2008

New Look Soon?

I've basically spent the past 2 weeks going in and out of Ikea and various other furniture stores around the island. Not to mention trawling interior decor websites for inspiration. The task at hand is to makeover my cluttered living room that is filled with all sorts of mismatched junk that's been left around and accumulated over the years.

My problem is that I can't decide on a colour palette and feel for the space. I started off thinking I wanted a classic, almost vintage eclectic kinda look, with mostly white-based items. Then I stared at my living room and realised that with the existing walls and flooring and also the tiny space I have, it's probably going to be very hard to achieve that look as most of the pieces would be bulkier than normal.

Next I moved onto wanting a contemporary white & grey, accented with deep jewel tones (by means of soft furnishings) with glass/metal finishes and clean lines. But after my dad moved around some furniture, and put some shelves up that he felt needed to be salvaged, there was way too much wood (1 piano & 1 organ!) to go with the theme.

So I gave that up, and resigned to the fact that I have to work with the wood pieces. One problem is that despite me telling my dad that most of the stuff NEEDS to go, I highly doubt that they will be removed. I hope we don't end up with more clutter than we started with. Anyhow, the wood pieces are this medium brown, which is a colour I don't really like. The acceptable browns are oak or black-brown. Pine is a no-no too. So I'm kinda back to the classic look again. Probably with some white and wood big pieces, mainly black, grey & white palette and some splashes of colour. Another possibility is mostly white, but that's going to be quite hard to maintain.

I've chosen the sofa and the storage wardrobe, but can't decide on the tv bench, shelving and dining table. I hope tomorrow will be more fruitful.

March 24, 2008

Easter Egg for Macs

This is hilarious. If you have a mac, try it. Even if it doesn't cure your problem, it'll give you enough of a tickle to lighten your mood.
clipped from

5. Emacs on Mac OS X Therapist

How to find it: In the Mac Terminal (or at any command line), type emacs, hit Enter, press Escape, type "xdoctor" (no quotes).
What you get: An interactive dialogue with a shrink named Eliza. To get out of it, hit Control+X Control+C.
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March 23, 2008


I want a Gocco! Essentially it's a DIY printing press that's small and handy. It's apparently quite the rage amongst the artists and designers online. And people printing wedding invitations etc. Here's a tutorial on how it works.

This following shows some wedding invites that have been printed with Gocco.
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March 22, 2008

Inspiration of the Day

Been trying to improve and encourage my blogging, what with the Blogger widget on my desktop. Found yet another productivity tool - Clipmarks, a Firefox extension that allows you clip images and text as you read them and post them to your blog, or save them to your personal Clipmarks page. Check it out, it's pretty cool.

So my first clip - Pretty pictures from Absolutely Beautiful Things, a pink charcoal and white inspiration collage. The author is a talented designer in Australia, love her blog and stuff. I've been on the lookout for pretty pictures so will attempt to make my own picture collage soon. Enjoy!

Photos from top (left to right) - 1 - Room by Tom Scheerer, 2 - Fabric from Purl Soho, 3 - Creed Perfume, 4 - Fabric from Black & Spiro, 5 - Note cards by Alicia Paulson, 6 - India Hicks via Style court, 7 - My Bedroom, 8 - Grandiflora by Saskia Havekes, 9 - Flickr, 10 - Fabric from Purl Soho, 11 - Chanel Ballet Flats, 12 - Aman Resorts, 13 - Skull & Crossbone Note cards from Vivre, 14 - Hermes Blanket - 15 - Fabric from Purl Soho, 16 - Black & Spiro Display

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March 21, 2008

Good Friday

i shd clean my white keyboard. it's starting to show signs of grime. guess that's the price u have to pay for having a pretty white thing.

today was kinda non-descript. went to church, and then to ikea to try and get buy-in from the parents for the new living room. spontaneous coffee with ruth and a relaxing mani pedi session. it feels like a sunday.

March 19, 2008

Professional Organisers

There's such a thing as a professional organiser! As in someone who helps you organises your stuff. There's even a National Association (in the US) for them!

Read about them here.

I SO need to hire one.

Btw, if you're wondering how come suddenly I'm blogging more, that's cos I've added a Blogger widget on my desktop so I can easily blog as and when I have silly things to say like this. I'm also on a lookout for a new template to spruce up this place, and to share with you (if anyone other than JY is still reading) cool sites I've found.

March 7, 2008

Flower Classes

So this the fruit of my labour at flower classes. Don't really like table arrangements, very 'stiff' but gotta cover the basics first lah...

March 2, 2008


This must be the longest time I've not blogged for. Zero entries in February 08. Are there people still reading this? Sorry if you've been checking and there've been no updates.

What has transpired in the past month? Well work's been kinda busy, gone are the days I sit around and twiddle my thumbs and spend it blogging and chatting hahaha. I've started taking Floral Design classes, will post some flower pics when I get around to uploading them.

This is just a shout out that I'm alive and kicking. Hope to blog with more inspiration soon!
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