February 11, 2012

Goodbyes and A New Beginning

It's 2012. In fact, it's already the second month of the new year. I am quite ashamed that I have not updated this blog in months, if anyone is still reading this! I don't know if it's because I've lost theinspiration to churn out blog posts, or the fact that I've gotten lazy, or that I have quite a lot going on generally that has caused the silence. Probably a bit of all three.

In truth, I have not really eaten at many new restaurants or made anything spectacular that I feel worthy to grace these pages but I have been spending time with friends, going back to familiar joints and hosting simple meals at home. Why favour routine over novelty you may ask? These are people and places that have become dear to me overnthe last two and a half years and I wanted to have strong memories to hold onto as I prepare to leave London this month.


Yes, my time here has come to an end and I will definitely miss my life here - the lovely city, the even more beautiful countryside, the dear friends I have made, the food, my lovely apartment, and the list goes on and on. While I started blogging back in 2003, it was only when I moved here that I made it more public - writing more about food and a little about travel, and less about my day to day life. And what a ride it has been! The blog opened up many opportunities - I made friends in the food and design blogging circles, it allowed me to hone my skills in photography and styling, and explore other creative avenues. I doubt I would have done all this if I were back in Singapore.

Blogging aside, I've also made many good friends in the last 2 plus years, you know who you are. Thank you for being the surrogate family to me and providing that support network here in this faraway land. Food is always something that unites us, especially the Singaporeans away from home and I am happy we have shared many a good meal togetherand hope that there will be more in the future.

This marks the end of a chapter, and as cliche as it sounds, it also paves the way for a new one. I am not just leaving London, but also leaving my day job - one which I have had for the last 8 odd years (or 12 if you count from the day I signed on to the job). It has come to define me in a way, people identify me with this job and it is become part of who I am, being an ambassador of sorts for my country.

But I am finally taking that step to do something I love, and to continue the creative journey that I have begun in London. I am very excited (and scared!) about my new adventure and am thankful that Inwill be embarking on it with a couple of good friends made here. I don't really know what my life will be like in 3 months' time but hey, that's part of the fun right? I am not sure if I will continue this blog or move over to a new platform but stay tuned. More will be revealed in time and I hope you will be as excited as I am! Here's a little teaser for you, it'll be something to do with vintage interiors, design, food, styling and hopefully more!


Right now, while I can't wait to get back and get started properly on the new gig, I am sad to leave and will be treasuring every moment of this last month in London. Boy, am I glad February has an extra day this year :)
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