April 24, 2008

Wedding Palette & Flowers

This is my inspiration board for my sister's wedding. It's still work in progress but the main colours are there - soft salmon pinks, peach/tangerine, greens and a touch of light brown. Really not too sure if it'll work so I'm trying to refine it still.

Made the palette using Kuler, a web-based Adobe tool that lets you either create colour swatches from scratch or based on a picture. The inspiration board was made using Polyvore, another cool web-based service that lets you clip pics from all over the net and mix and match them. Pretty nifty tools, try them if you're into designing and other creative stuff. And although I had made the palette first without using a picture, when I uploaded the inspiration board into Kuler to see what kind of colours it'd give me, it was almost identical! I guess I'm getting somewhere.... :)

April 17, 2008

Feast for the Eyes & Stomach

Found this on Hostess With The Mostess, featuring beeyooteefool cupcake wrappers from Estilo Weddings. Check out the website, plenty of gorgeous colours and wonderful inspirations!
clipped from www.hostessblog.com
laser-cut contemporary cupcake wrappers
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Happy Things

What pretty colours. It's so hard to buy these things from Singapore. Shipping adds a hefty tag to the price...

The radio is playing an instrumental version of "Girl from Ipanema", relaxing and puts me in a swaying mood.
clipped from www.flickr.com

April 15, 2008

Fireworks Flyer and Flowers

Today was Flyer opening, and the fireworks were really quite amazing. I'll let pictures do the talking instead.

And I took more pictures of the chrysanthemums and freesias since the freesias have now bloomed. Using my camera instead of phonecam so colours are a lot more vibrant (although I don't know why lines are coming up in the picture, I think my camera is dead) Also shows my new couch!

April 13, 2008

Flower Day

I haven't really posted any of my flower class photos. Strangely, I can't find the pictures, think they're in the other computer. Anyway, I went to get some flowers today from the wholesale florist.

Gerberas were on sale so I grabbed 2 packets - 20 just for $6! Really good deal! Then I splurged a little on freesias, and got some cheap green 'mums. The result is as you see below (first 3 pics). I wasn't very pleased cos I thought they turned out quite ugly. Sigh. I managed to 'rescue' the green arrangement with an idea out of my "101 Ways with Flowers" book - wrapping the vase with white tissue (they recommend organza or silk but I had to make do with giftwrap tissue) to give it a more chic look. It really worked quite well, cos I think the problem was that there wasn't any green foliage to hide the sides.
The last picture is actually a semi-wilted arrangement from this week's class where we did the inverted-T. I really need to brush up on my free-form. I don't think I can be a florist or even a recreational one at this rate. Bah.
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