July 19, 2013

Small Steps

It's been more than a month since my last post. Not intentional, but not entirely unintentional either. I had been waiting for things to fall in place before I start blogging regularly again. Things like - deciding on a name for the revamped blog & business, choosing a new platform (or not), blog/website redesign, and being sure I had the resolve blog regularly.

However, I have come to realise that, if I were to wait for abc to happen before doing xyz I will probably never get round to it. I was reminded that I should start small, take small steps, and be glad that I have at least started on this journey instead of waiting for everything to be in place before I dare take the next step. How often in life do we tell ourselves we need to wait for the perfect conditions before we commit to something? If I can't ensure that there's the job waiting for me/$X in the bank/acquire certain skills/have sufficient business, I won't take the plunge. Too often.

The reality is that things will never stop being in flux or be in the ideal conditions that you so wish for. So stop worrying, and just start somewhere. It's about having FAITH in your abilities, that things will fall into place, and most importantly that God will be there to provide and guide.

This will not be the prettiest of blogs, have many readers, nor have structured or regular posts or even a fancy new logo. Not yet anyway. But it will be a record of this phase of my journey that I will slowly unveil and share. And you're invited to join me :)
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