May 23, 2007

Lapillus Accessories @ Clark Quay 25th-26th May

Helping my friend advertise for her upcoming bazaar (and jewellery website) at Clark Quay this weekend (Fri, Sat). If you're free or in the area, do pop by! They have nice stuff! Their website is here.

May 22, 2007

Happiology - The Search For and Study of Happiness

Taken from April 07 issue of Her World (yes, can find some good stuff not always fashion and trash)

Happy Triggers
  • Happiness is dependent on your state of mind, not on your bank balance. Cultivate a positive outlook and find a positive spin for negative events.
  • Count your blessings - start a gratitude journal.
  • Perform random acts of kindness: Smile at someone who looks forlorn. Let someone in a hurry in front of you in the queue. Call or visit a grandmother or older family member.
  • Interact with nature.
  • Look after your body. Eat right and exercise.
  • Find your magic trigger - the thing that makes you happy, whether it's writing, loving, dancing or climbing mountains.
  • Each day, no matter how busy you are, find one thing to bring you back to consciousness and to happiness.
  • Live in the moment.
  • Don't compare yourself with others - self-awareness is the route to true happiness.

Other things that stuck:

"Researchers have also found that it's not so much the rewards, the accolades, the new house, the new car, but the dream of it and the pursuit of it that can bring happiness."

"It's the process of being alive, of doing something that is far more important than the results"

"... remember to enjoy the moments of happiness without allowing worries or fears to steal away from them."

I'm also reading Daniel Gilbert's Stumbling on Happiness right now, pretty interesting read on how we imagine the future and our assessment on what we think will make us happy. No it's not a self-help motivational slash inspirational book. It's written more from the angle of sociology, psychology and economic theories with lots of case studies and social experiments.

Tons of books awaiting my reading. Tons of work awaiting my doing. Away with the procrastination monster!

Apple Cinnamon Yum

Marks & Sparks Apple and Cinnamon flakes are addictive!!

In a bid to distract me from my irritatedness, I've been snacking. Peirui thinks this is a weird concept. So do I actually but I think I'm weird.

May 17, 2007


If I got kidnapped, who would come and pay the ransom? I dun think I would matter enough to anyone to warrant ransom payment, especially if the ransom was like $5 million bucks (or anything in the millions).

But since I'm that insignificant, I'm in no danger of being kidnapped anytime soon. Or find out how much I'm actually worth to those around me.

The above thought is courtesy of yet another random tangent at work. The Philippines Yearbook publishes the number of people who are kidnapped year and amount of ransom asked for amongst other nonsense like number of prisoners escaped and also those recaptured.

Random Rants

Eating Marks & Sparks Honey Roast Wiltshire Ham Potato Crisps with chopsticks. Yum. High on sodium!

Did you know that you need USD30 million net worth to get a Krispy Kreme franchise? And apparently the franchise fees alone are 2 million (not sure USD or SGD), not to mention operating equipment, start up fees, labour, rental yada yada. We (our intern and I) spent a good part of the afternoon coming up with a P&L to see the feasibility of opening a Krispy Kreme here. No wonder Singapore has no Krispy Kreme. Next to impossible unless you're the Sultan of Brunei with money to throw into the toilet.

Been reading up on mental illnesses and personality disorders on wiki lately. Cluster B personality disorders in the DSM are quite interesting - antisocial, borderline, histrionic and narcissistic. There are probably tons of people with some sort of mental illness to various degrees, just that not many actually undergo diagnosis, often attributing it to external circumstances or PMS. Now doesn't that sound familiar. Haha.

May 15, 2007

Friendly Advice

Advice from my wonderful friend:

You totally should get yourself into the dating scene. It's the equivalent of going for interviews even if you don't actually intend to resign - it's good to find out your market value.

Haha. Well put. Now, where can I find that scene?

Why Are We Weird?

Having Fizzy Fish from M&S in the office. They are sooooo SOUR!!! But that's good, cos I need to wake the bloody hell up from my food coma.

Many things to blog about (mostly food) but a little lazy right now to upload pics. Peirui is hounding me for all the non-existant entries in BYTFF. Ok, so just to hold myself accountable here's what I need to flog - Canele from lunch yesterday and Ikukan and Patissier from dinner.

I think we get weirder as we age. By we, I mean my friends. We've always been a little strange but the weirdness gets honed instead of going away. Case in point: conversation over dinner last night. Unlike normal amicable peace-loving people who would nod politely and say "Ah, yes ok" to straightforward answers to nuggets of wisdom such "Why not to order seafood on a Monday" and "What is deadweight loss" or "What is a ketone", we question and poke and probe and argue and expand a subject that's probably only worth 2 lines into a PhD thesis. Why ah? (other than the fact that we need to entertain ourselves this way) But it's amusing nonetheless.

And Spizza is pronouced as it's spelt! Spiz-za, NOT es-pissa!! Who says that gosh!
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