February 1, 2009

Online Shopping

Gosh I really have bad luck with online shopping. First, the dress I tried to buy (or rather, I did select and pay so I suppose that constitutes a buy) on Tskye was sold off to someone in the showroom and hence the inventory wasn't properly updated.

Then, I spent a really long time trying to get Amazon to recognise my VpostUSA address, and it still didn't even after several different attempts. So I decided to use ComGateway instead. Only after I bought and paid for my stuff at 2 stores did I realise that I did not input the shipping address correctly - I saw Sumner as Summer. Brilliant. At least for Amazon I could change it online but for the other store I had to call up the US customer service to let them know. Sigh.

Maybe I'm not meant to shop and this is the sign that the Powers That Be are sending me.

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