April 19, 2009

Macaron Failure

I know I haven't blogged about Part II of the Great Macaron Adventure cos I've been lazy about putting up the pics. Those were pretty good tho a little chewy according to the taste testers. In fact they were my last successful batch of macarons. My last 2 batches have been catastrophic failures :( Ok, the one today wasn't that catastrophic but the one before that was super runny, no feet, cracked tops, wet, blobby. Whatever could go macawrong went macawrong. Today's one was overmixed slightly and thus spread and stuck to each other but at least they had feet (phew!).

The macaron gods must be not happy with me. I just can't seem to get the french meringue recipe down. The last successful batch had ratio of 1:1.3:1.7:0.6 eggwhite:almond meal:icing sugar:granulated sugar. Since comments were that it was too cakey/chewy, I followed another recipe which was more like 1:1:2:0.5 which meant it had a lot less almond and more sugar, which would hopefully make it lighter? I'm not sure whether I'm overmixing the batter, or perhaps I've got too much wet ingredients to dry ingredients ratio. 

Ahh... this is perplexing me. I need to GET. IT. RIGHT.

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