October 4, 2009

Home Sweet Home

*commercial break from food*

Long overdue post on my apartment. Many have asked me to post pictures of my apartment so I finally got around to taking some pictures, it's hard to get proper lighting since London is grey and dreary quite a fair bit.

The first set of pictures is from when I first moved in, before I changed the furniture layout, moved in my things from Singapore and added in some touches to make it more homely. Like I mentioned to some of you, I think it's getting a bit cluttered now, the 'before' pictures do seem a lot more spacious compared to the 'after pictures. What do you think?


09 Apartment


09 Apartment1

09 Apartment2

09 Apartment3

I turned around the couch so as to separate the dining space from the living space. It looks smaller now cos it's hard to get a through-picture from one end of the hall to the other. I originally envisioned a lot more white and bright furniture but since the apartment's tables were mostly in dark wood, it was quite hard to add in white. The kitchen is getting quite cluttered as I don't have much counter space to put my appliances and frequently-reached for food. I will probably need more free weekends to reorganise. Need to make more space!!


Linnet said...

:) the "after" is more you and more lived in, albeit more cluttered. :) and i can REALLY tell what's yr fav colour.
it's everywhere!!!! hand-towels, kithenaid equipment, vase, mugs , aprons, even TEABAGS???? :) hee! and i also spy those REALLY lovely flowers!!!!


miss ene said...

Your house is realllllllllly gorgeous. I like the little flower arrangements that dot the house and oh, that painting of the girl with the red heart balloon? I like! Where did you get it from?

EL said...

heh.. thanks... i try to change the flowers every now and then.. the picture is a famous graffiti art by Banksy, a brit graffiti artist. pple have reproduced it from pictures i suppose onto posters, cups etc i've seen quite a few different memorabilia... i got mine cheap in a shop in windsor

augustk said...

the place looks great. I really like the flowers and the mixer! :)

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