December 17, 2009

Going Home!

Wheeeeee!! I'm finally going home tomorrow! Can't wait. I only hope the snow doesn't stop transport and flights :( Usually I'd be happy to see snow but today as the flurries got heavier and heavier, my heart was sinking lower and lower, what with all the warnings for a snow storm (by london standards) overnight. Praying very hard.

Can't wait to get back home and eat more goodies, see all my friends and family and relax a little, as well as catch up on all the backlog of posts! Yes, yes, there's so much backlog, I've uploaded my pics already so all I need to do is WRITE! Lots of food from Eugene's Leaving Eating Marathon. Akan datang (coming soon)!Now I leave you with the Red Velvet cupcakes (using Hummingbird Bakery cookbook's recipe) that I made as my last bake in London for the year! They were really very red this time since I added a lot of red food colouring (though still less than what they stated in the book) and didn't taste as chocolatey as it did the last time I made them. Need to try again. I also really need to figure out how to get a nice lighting at home since I'm always shooting at night.

09 London Homemade Food8

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