May 15, 2007

Why Are We Weird?

Having Fizzy Fish from M&S in the office. They are sooooo SOUR!!! But that's good, cos I need to wake the bloody hell up from my food coma.

Many things to blog about (mostly food) but a little lazy right now to upload pics. Peirui is hounding me for all the non-existant entries in BYTFF. Ok, so just to hold myself accountable here's what I need to flog - Canele from lunch yesterday and Ikukan and Patissier from dinner.

I think we get weirder as we age. By we, I mean my friends. We've always been a little strange but the weirdness gets honed instead of going away. Case in point: conversation over dinner last night. Unlike normal amicable peace-loving people who would nod politely and say "Ah, yes ok" to straightforward answers to nuggets of wisdom such "Why not to order seafood on a Monday" and "What is deadweight loss" or "What is a ketone", we question and poke and probe and argue and expand a subject that's probably only worth 2 lines into a PhD thesis. Why ah? (other than the fact that we need to entertain ourselves this way) But it's amusing nonetheless.

And Spizza is pronouced as it's spelt! Spiz-za, NOT es-pissa!! Who says that gosh!

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