May 17, 2007

Random Rants

Eating Marks & Sparks Honey Roast Wiltshire Ham Potato Crisps with chopsticks. Yum. High on sodium!

Did you know that you need USD30 million net worth to get a Krispy Kreme franchise? And apparently the franchise fees alone are 2 million (not sure USD or SGD), not to mention operating equipment, start up fees, labour, rental yada yada. We (our intern and I) spent a good part of the afternoon coming up with a P&L to see the feasibility of opening a Krispy Kreme here. No wonder Singapore has no Krispy Kreme. Next to impossible unless you're the Sultan of Brunei with money to throw into the toilet.

Been reading up on mental illnesses and personality disorders on wiki lately. Cluster B personality disorders in the DSM are quite interesting - antisocial, borderline, histrionic and narcissistic. There are probably tons of people with some sort of mental illness to various degrees, just that not many actually undergo diagnosis, often attributing it to external circumstances or PMS. Now doesn't that sound familiar. Haha.

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