July 13, 2007

Potty Over Potter

Yes, I'm on of those must-see-Harry-Potter-movie-as-soon-as-it-comes-out types. So went to catch it with JY last night at Cineleisure. All the theatres seemed to be showing only Harry Potter. Must be super big money-spinner for them.

I was looking forward to it since the beginning of the week, and the excitement mounted as THE day drew nearer (I'm look forward next to the release of the last book).

Verdict? The movie wasn't very 'wow', pretty patchy. Which is not a big surprise since Order of the Phoenix the book is after all the thickest book of the series and Order of the Phoenix the movie is the shortest of the movies, which means they had to squeeze a helluva lot into a short 2 hrs 15 min. Well, I must say that I had quite high expectations, working myself up like that. The movie chose to dwell on certain threads in the original story, while almost completely ignoring others. However, I must admit that JK Rowling does indulge in description quite a bit in OOP. Example, I read the first 20 pages last night but didn't even get past to the first scene of the movie. The classroom scenes and the usual school life scenes kinda get downplayed here but I suppose many would find that passe since the first few movies have dwelled on that sufficiently. Instead, screen time was devoted to building up to the eventual good vs evil fight that will take place further down the line. Oh one more thing I didn't like, Ron didn't really get much of a part in this one. He probably says like err 10 lines in the whole movie.

That said, despite it not being very 'wow', I think it's still worth a watch as part of the Harry Potter experience. Plus if you don't read the books, the movie would probably be pretty satisfactory to you. Oh, the actors have really grown since the first movie huh. Daniel Radcliffe was SOOOOO small and cute last time. He's practically a man now. And I can't stand Cho Chang man. Yeuuccchhh.

Can't wait for the book next week!

Unrelated note, going to play some netball tomorrow or most probably just sit on the bench. Being roped in by Peirui (who's a victim herself heh) to help the organisation play in some netball league. Yay, time to get some sun and move those old bones.

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