August 6, 2007

A Great Weekend

Gosh am I tired or am I tired. Think this bag of ole bones can't tahan staying up late and back to back activities anymore. But that said, it was a fruitful weekend spent with friends.

I would like to leech of Peirui's blog entries on the movie we watched, The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros, and MAAD which we went to yesterday hehe, honestly, I think we felt the same way about the movie and MAAD. I'm glad we went to watch the movie, and we have to go watch the Thai one too when it comes out! MAAD was a tad disappointing due to the limited stalls but their quality was pretty good. I collected a whole bunch of cards so that I can check their websites out.

Anyway, had a good time on Friday catching up with the council peeps, in honour of the homecoming of our supreme leader hah. As usual, the guys outnumbered the girls and quite a few brought their wives/fiances/gfs along. Can't believe it's been ten years already. Crabs at Defu Lane Seafood Paradise was good, it was surprisingly windy despite being in the midst of an industrial estate. Had a late night chatting with FY until like 4+am (which must have been the latest I've been up in recent times lousy me).

Saturday was a pampering day, what with facial and a pedicure. Spent a nice evening with the girls at Pierside Kitchen watching the NDP rehearsal albeit the not that great food, and lack of fireworks. Apparently they've already done all the full rehearsals and the Sat one was like a last minute practice. The boats and choppers and planes were fun to watch tho. Great view by One Fullerton, of course would have been better if there were fireworks. We then karaoke-ed late into the night. Kbox isn't very good though I must say. Firstly, they gave me and Ruth this huge VIP room, which you'd think would be state of the art cos it's VIP right? Wrong. The bass was muted, the control panel tv screen tiny (in relation to the room) and we had to go really close to see what we were choosing. In the end, we asked to be moved to a normal small room haha.

Other than the movie and MAAD, plus catching up with Jules on Sunday, the highlight of my weekend was our long awaited cookout at Daniel's place. Silly boy went to google Aug 5 to see what important events we could celebrate and came up with the Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day of Croatia, which is apparently to commemorate the liberation of some city called Knin in 1995. Despite the difficulty of obtaining Croatian recipes, I'm glad he didn't persist with the original country Burkina Faso (I admit I've never heard of it until Dandan mentioned it). We had an aweseome time mucking around in the kitchen, doing stupid things like creating a backdrop of the Croatian flag on Dan's computer and posing for stupid pictures. We even found the Croatian anthem and attempted to play it before we succumbed again to the 90s music on Class 95 on Sundays, which was really really good and nostalgic. At one point, we even attempted to do the running man to Ditty. Hahaha. No, we didn't have much to drink. Some pics from the crazy night :)

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