August 13, 2007

Kids Say The Darndest Things

It was little Chloe's birthday and we had bought her this cute pink Powerpuff Girls trolley bag which she had apparently been eyeing. When the door opened and she greeted us, she spied us trying to hide the present behind our backs and even before we could wish her happy birthday and give her her pressie, the first words that came out were, with a genuine matter-of-fact look on her face:

"But I already have a trolley bag!"

That little girl is so clever and cute I tell you. Heh heh heh. Apparently her grandma had bought her a smaller Barbie one recently to placate her. We burst out laughing and tried to convince her that this bag was bigger and better. She proceeded to zoom around the house dragging her bag, which was almost as tall as her, laughing and babbling while stoic lil' Nathan ambled after her.

Such cute kids.

1 comment:

angeline said...

hi babe did my post on your tagboard come thru? can't see it. anyway wanted to say wish i could have been at the croatian cookout! exactly my kind of thing!! must have been sooo funny. so what DO croatians eat?? miss you guys!

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