March 29, 2008

New Look Soon?

I've basically spent the past 2 weeks going in and out of Ikea and various other furniture stores around the island. Not to mention trawling interior decor websites for inspiration. The task at hand is to makeover my cluttered living room that is filled with all sorts of mismatched junk that's been left around and accumulated over the years.

My problem is that I can't decide on a colour palette and feel for the space. I started off thinking I wanted a classic, almost vintage eclectic kinda look, with mostly white-based items. Then I stared at my living room and realised that with the existing walls and flooring and also the tiny space I have, it's probably going to be very hard to achieve that look as most of the pieces would be bulkier than normal.

Next I moved onto wanting a contemporary white & grey, accented with deep jewel tones (by means of soft furnishings) with glass/metal finishes and clean lines. But after my dad moved around some furniture, and put some shelves up that he felt needed to be salvaged, there was way too much wood (1 piano & 1 organ!) to go with the theme.

So I gave that up, and resigned to the fact that I have to work with the wood pieces. One problem is that despite me telling my dad that most of the stuff NEEDS to go, I highly doubt that they will be removed. I hope we don't end up with more clutter than we started with. Anyhow, the wood pieces are this medium brown, which is a colour I don't really like. The acceptable browns are oak or black-brown. Pine is a no-no too. So I'm kinda back to the classic look again. Probably with some white and wood big pieces, mainly black, grey & white palette and some splashes of colour. Another possibility is mostly white, but that's going to be quite hard to maintain.

I've chosen the sofa and the storage wardrobe, but can't decide on the tv bench, shelving and dining table. I hope tomorrow will be more fruitful.

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