April 13, 2008

Flower Day

I haven't really posted any of my flower class photos. Strangely, I can't find the pictures, think they're in the other computer. Anyway, I went to get some flowers today from the wholesale florist.

Gerberas were on sale so I grabbed 2 packets - 20 just for $6! Really good deal! Then I splurged a little on freesias, and got some cheap green 'mums. The result is as you see below (first 3 pics). I wasn't very pleased cos I thought they turned out quite ugly. Sigh. I managed to 'rescue' the green arrangement with an idea out of my "101 Ways with Flowers" book - wrapping the vase with white tissue (they recommend organza or silk but I had to make do with giftwrap tissue) to give it a more chic look. It really worked quite well, cos I think the problem was that there wasn't any green foliage to hide the sides.
The last picture is actually a semi-wilted arrangement from this week's class where we did the inverted-T. I really need to brush up on my free-form. I don't think I can be a florist or even a recreational one at this rate. Bah.

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