April 24, 2008

Wedding Palette & Flowers

This is my inspiration board for my sister's wedding. It's still work in progress but the main colours are there - soft salmon pinks, peach/tangerine, greens and a touch of light brown. Really not too sure if it'll work so I'm trying to refine it still.

Made the palette using Kuler, a web-based Adobe tool that lets you either create colour swatches from scratch or based on a picture. The inspiration board was made using Polyvore, another cool web-based service that lets you clip pics from all over the net and mix and match them. Pretty nifty tools, try them if you're into designing and other creative stuff. And although I had made the palette first without using a picture, when I uploaded the inspiration board into Kuler to see what kind of colours it'd give me, it was almost identical! I guess I'm getting somewhere.... :)

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