September 14, 2008

Zhong Qiu

It's been a while. Happy Mid Autumn everyone. Did some fun activities over the weekends. Been in a mooncake making frenzy. The first attempt didn't turn out too good, but the subsequent ones were much better.

Went prawning last night as well, caught zero prawns, bah. But it's addictive - cos I can't get any. So I feel like I need to buy more time in order to get something. Definitely a gambling addict in the making.

Today had a cookout at JW's place, together with another friend. I must say I'm quite impressed with ourselves. We made a starter of pumpkin soup, an entree of miso-glazed cod on a bed of sugar snap peas and honmeiji mushrooms and grilled garlic butter prawns and an apple pie with vanilla ice cream! After our yummy dinner, we acted like kids and went to carry lanterns around her estate, we even had sparklers.

Pics are over at Flickr since I've been actively taking pics with my new G7. Paris, Valencia pics are there too.

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