November 17, 2008

Macaron Adventures and the Like

I really need to get a food processor if I'm intending to continue making macarons. Spending 20 minutes pushing and pounding ground almonds through a fine sieve is NOT fun and really quite finger and back breaking. I've definitely invested way too much into all these pieces of equipment. I bought a candy thermometer the other day so I could try making the Italian meringue macaron recipe as it involves boiling sugar syrup to a certain temperature to be poured over whipped egg whites. Which incidentally, has resulted in a kitchen mishap which has led to Rorschach inkblot blisters on my hands. Clumsy me.

Since I'm going to get a food processor, I might as well go and get a second baking tray to insulate my first one (apparently it gives you more even temperature), as well as a small saucepan to cook my sugar syrup so that I won't get into a similar incident with the sugar syrup & thermometer again. While I'm at it, let's just throw in a Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker (the industrial self-freezing type, not the have-to-put-bowl-in-freezer-overnight type) that's on sale at Tangs for $688 which is really a steal considering the high-end Musso one is over $1000. Bah, dreaming only, since I don't even really eat ice-cream that much. But maybe I will if I get the machine (self-rationalisation in process)...

In line with the asset accumulation (yes that's what I like to view it as), I've bought several candle holders, artificial flowers & plants, decorating knick-knacks and some gift boxes/bags over the weekend. I really really need to start restraining myself from buying all these pretty but useless things.

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