November 3, 2008

Pretty Productive

So today I didn't work. The end of the year marks the start of all the leave-taking. I had intended to make some more macarons using the italian meringue method (since I rushed to buy a candy thermometer last Sat) but got a little sian. Been baking quite a bit in the past week so thought I need to venture into other things. Evidence of my recent baking adventures below - Chocolate Mint Cupcakes for baby Victoria's one-month & P's bday, and Salted Caramel & Peanut + Chocolate Halloween Macarons (no it's not yellow but supposed to be orange the picture is lying).

I settled my insurance, renewed my road tax and got my teeth cleaned. In between, I also plonked a whole bunch of money into my flower course. Yeah, I've decided to restart my flower classes and this time, I went the whole hog and decided to sign up for a Professional Certificate in Floristry Development. Yeah, pompous sounding name I know but it sounds more cheem than it really is. I do hope I can get some mileage out of it, more like an investment for the long term. Well, at least that's how I convinced and reasoned it to myself.

Spent the past few hours surfing online d-i-y craft/wedding/flowers stuff. There are quite a lot of craft studios coming up in Singapore. I know of the usual scrapbooking places, but didn't know there were places where you could go to sew, bead, paint, make pots and what-have-you. Think I'll check some of them out one of these days. If anyone's interested, do check out the links below.

Other Resources
  • Craftholic - really good online/print mag on all things crafty, which is where I got the above links from.
  • Our Craft Place - online shop selling scrapbooking stuff
I should really sleep in case I've forgotten I still have to work tomorrow.


angeline said...

if you're into crafts and pretty things and nature (flowers etc) singapore is so not the place for you! come and have a retreat in relaxing, ulu, full-of-natural-beauty new zealand! always have room for you! :)

ps won't it be interesting if you get into something crafty and i take up knitting? (which i hope to do this summer) wahahaha!

Yellowgiraffe said...

wow... that was really productive! i am sooooo impressed! btw... i LOVE macaroons! can i come and help and learn at the same time the next time you feel like baking macaroons again? please please please?

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