March 18, 2009

Crockery Spree

Somehow the above looks a little vulgar. Whatever. Warning: the following post may be a tad rambling about nothing of any interest to you -- dishes. You have been warned.

I went a little crazy today and finally bought all (ok not really all, more like half minus a little bit) the flatware, glassware, bowls, plates, cups I've been wanting for a while. I really needed some retail therapy but clothes buying is oh-so-passe, so it was off to Ikea for me to do some major damage to my wallet.

I ended up with 2 sets of various black and white plates and bowls in different shapes and sizes (large, small, square, round, rectangular, tiny), some glasses, cute dessert spoons, a coffee cup + saucer set, and a large white dish with red flowers. Why only 2 sets you might ask? Cos one is too lonely, and 4 or even 6 is a lot for someone who doesn't really entertain (although that's really my ideal). And 3 is just a weird number. But 2 means it's just nice for me and my brother or another guest. I also bought 3 candles that were in glasses that were the perfect size for trifle desserts. Yes, somehow, despite ALL the different shapes sizes colours of glasses that Ikea carry, they did not have one that was the perfect size.

I think the crockery lust in me has yet to be satiated, and I probably can hit a few more shops like Iwannagohome! or Tangs to accumulate some more stuff. Once the floodgates are opened, there's no turning back baby. The problem would be how to match them. For proper entertaining I probably need to just buy more of the same from the Ikea range, and add a few noteworthy pieces here and there. But where do I stop? I'm sure I'd want 6 of everything that's nice! Sigh.

Now, what in the world am I going to do with them?

No more tears. I think I am truly going nuts.

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angeline said...

Eun, I see your nesting instinct! Maybe you can come and help us do up our house.. it doesn't really feel homely cos we are both useless at soft furnishings like cushions, art on the walls etc. The house is too empty! Partly its too big too. Help!

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