March 11, 2009

To Buy or Not To Buy

How important is it that I be able to afford little luxuries when I crave them? Such as the list of cooking gadgets that seem to be forever growing - cast iron pans, ice cream makers, fancy cake tins and molds etc etc. Not that I actually would use them. I just WANT them. My food processor is a good example of my bad hoarding habits. It's still in its box after so long. I've yet to bake another batch of macarons after I rushed out to buy the food processor cos I really needed to have one to grind my tant-pour-tant.

But I digress. The point I was trying to make is about material comfort. I find myself stopping me from buying the above things (more often than not!) simply because I think I should save. Not that I can't really afford it now, but I think maybe my money would be better stashed somewhere in case I become poor. But that begs the question, if I don't buy it now when I can actually afford to (and enjoy the benefits of it for longer!), when would I buy it? Definitely not when I'm penniless either! Such is the irrational nature of consumer behaviour.

Bah, why can't money be endless.

1 comment:

angeline said...

i reckon if having those things will make you happy, buy them if you'll later regret not buying them. if having them and not using them will make you stressed, then don't buy them. instead think about something you can do that will make you happy, that you will do, and do that. there are always good alternatives to fill up spaces in our lives/hearts. be brave and do something different for yourself!

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