August 14, 2009

My Sweet Pad (Almost!)

So, after 5 days of relentless viewings and tons of walking, I finally found the place I am going to call home for the next 3 years. Well, almost as I've got to wait for the paperwork to clear before I get the keys. Crossing my fingers that nothing goes wrong and the approval goes through.

I'm really quite excited about it! It's situated in Belgravia, near Sloane Square tube and also Victoria tube. It took a while for me to get used to the idea of this neighbourhood as I was earlier quite set on something in Marylebone (the Rosetti House property). This area is slightly quieter and less err poseur I feel (although many would beg to differ since this is the poshnosh area). It's a short walk to Sloane Street where all the designer boutiques are situated leading to Knightsbridge. Around the neighbourhood is King's Road, Pimlico Road and Elizabeth Street, which are full of cafes and cute small shops. The apartment's in not in a period house (which I originally wanted), but in a non-descript block but at least I'll have a porter (caretaker in Brit).

Ok ok, here are the pics I took from the apartment viewing that day.
What really got me was the decor of the place, everything's pretty new, and the kitchen. Yes, I've been obsessing about the kitchens. This has all the appliances, all new AND a gas stove plus plenty of storage. I also have a tiny tiny balcony to either put plants or maybe even BBQ (not in winter tho). The landlord's also a big corporate landlord with their own tenant support system which would be so important if anything breaks down.

Yeah, I'm very thankful that I managed to settle this before I start work next week, which promises to be crazy and full of back to back meetings. Really hope there aren't any problems with the lease and everything will go smoothly.

I kinda feel purposeless now that I've found a place. Was walking around today and feeling very lost, the shopping didn't really call out to me, and without any place or neighbourhood to view, I really didn't know where to go! Quite a bit of observations and thoughts to pen down over the next few blog entries so I guess stay tuned!


Yellowgiraffe said...

NICE!! Pimlico is one of my favourite areas and yes I can see why you like this place. Congrats to finding a home sweet home!

miss ene said...

GORGEOUS HOUSE! The house is rather "you". Ok, time to book that air ticket to London :)

Betty Mode said...

Ooooh! Your place looks great!Im glad that u managed to find something good to call home for the next 3 years! PS: I've been attending meetings and everyone has been asking me about you :P

Wendy J said...

It's so nice! And posh area too. :)
Great find! I'll definitely visit. :)
I miss you!!!!

EL said...

i miss you all too!!

yah i am excited and looking forward to doing up the place! i welcome input!

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