August 13, 2009

Starting In London

I've been meaning to blog about everything here since I came but haven't been able to because it hasn't been convenient to do so thus far, and there was just so much thoughts and observations to pen down that I didn't know where to begin.

I wanted to start another blog just to talk about London, but then again it might be troublesome for those who would read both. So I'm sticking to this for now, unless I feel compelled to move later.

Oh where to begin? It's been 5 days already since I left. I was very touched by my friends who turned up at the airport to see me off. Really fortunate to have them around, cos I was having trouble with my luggage. It was TOTALLY overweight (and that's after I already took out some at home). Luckily for me, Jean was a miracle worker and managed to redistribute my stuff around my multiple bags and I managed to get through onto the plane without having to leave anything behind. As I was entering the gate, it really felt like going off to Cornell all over again. Needless to say, I was quite upset to leave and was crying quite a bit. Even on the plane, I'd go to the toilet and cry.

Then I got to London. To be honest, I don't think it has hit me yet. The past 5 days felt kinda like a vacation, except that I wasn't really doing touristy things like shopping and sightseeing. I was busy walking around the various neighbourhoods and viewing apartments. That's all I've done really. I've seen about 30+ apartments thus far, and walked around South Kensington, Belgravia, Marylebone, Mayfair, Covent Garden, and also near Angel. The first 2 days of viewing were crazy as I saw about 30 in 2 days. There weren't any that jumped out at me though a couple left an impression. I've shortlisted about 3 thus far and the pics are here.

Apartment 1
Apartment 2
Apartment 3

The first one is located near Great Portland St and Regent's Park, on the edge of Marylebone and Fitzrovia. Very large and spacious apartment with neutral colours. When I saw it I felt it was really well decorated, until I saw the rest. The kitchen is a fairly good size with a dining room of sorts as well. Kitchen has new appliances but the stove is electric. Yes, the kitchen is very important to me, and is kinda disproportionately weighing on my decision. The location's pretty good since it's quite near to Marylebone High St, Oxford St and Regent St where all the big shops are.

The second one is nicely furnished, cosy and on top of this bridal shop along a cute street called Elizabeth St in Belgravia. The kitchen looked a bit old though but the owner has done it up really nicely in a homely cottagey sort of way.

The third place is in Chesham St, which is kinda off Eaton Sq (atas place) was the most well-furnished (now Apt 1 kinda pales in comparison) and has the British India sort of feel about it. Only one bedroom though, but it does have a powder room (!) though it does seem like wasted space since I can't really make it into a walk-in wardrobe with no storage there. The kitchen is nice and new, but again, induction stove.

Apt 2 and 3 are kinda in between the Sloane Sq tube and Victoria tube. Pretty prestigious neighbourhoods. While it is well decorated, it doesn't really feel homely or my style, whereas Apt 1 has the benefits of having the main furniture in, but I can do it up, like a blank canvas. So currently Apt 1 is tops.

I'm going to look at something else tomorrow that really really looks like it has potential. 2 bedrooms, with wonderful furnishings (more of my style) and in the same areas as Apt 2 and 3. I think the downside is that the apt is in a building (as opposed to a period house) and there aren't that many supermarkets or big shops nearby though plenty of small cute shops and cafes.

Think this might be the winner :)

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