November 21, 2009

A Quick Meal

For a quick meal last night, I defrosted the japanese hamburger patty I had made earlier this week, cooked some rice and fried an egg. While the rice was cooking, I threw together a salad with beetroot, avocado, corn and lamb's lettuce. The beetroot was pre-cooked so I just had to heat it up the packet in boiling water. I like the type cooked in its own juices not the ones with vinegar added. Everything was ready in less than half an hour.



For the hamburger patty, I made it based it on Chubby Hubby's recipe (think I blogged about it before when I first made it). While I'd love to be using wagyu beef and Berkshire pork and I'm sure it tastes damn good, it is very expensive and I can't be splurging like that on a simple meal for myself. I usually just use regular beef mince for the entire patty, and regular breadcrumbs. Quick and simple, and suitable for the freezer.

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