August 20, 2010

Beautiful and Yummy Finds

Been really behind in blogging lately, in fact, behind in everything! I find myself playing catch-up with my life due to work, visitors and an extended battle with the mice plaguing my apartment (YES very gross and icky but it's not cos of me!). Haven't posted anything, baked, arranged flowers for a long time, and even my laundry is piling up to the height of Everest! I do hope there are still a couple of readers out there checking back now and then, and I'll endeavour to be much more regular :P

As a kick-off to doing more regular short posts, I'd like to share with you these great inspiring finds. First up is a props rental company called Found. Now, props rental sound boring right (if you're not into styling)? Wrong. Jeni runs this amazing company that specialises in vintage props rental in California (I think) For someone who ought to belong to Props Addicts Anonymous, I'm really envious of her ability to turn her hobby into a business. Her collection of stuff is a treasure trove! Check out Jeni's blog here. Just see these amazing pics where Found provided the props.

Pictures from Utterly Engaged

The next amazing find is the above website where I discovered Found. Utterly Engaged is an e-magazine and website on weddings and they feature tons of inspiration and pretty things, with a focus on showcasing indie vendors and talents. I just love their style!

Lastly, this is something I hope to try when I'm next back in Singapore. 3 Inch Sin is a relatively new dessert cafe in Bukit Timah, Singapore that serves the ubiquitous chocolate fondant with various molten fillings. With flavours like peanut butter, mint, hazelnut, who can resist? My sister and bro-in-law are raving about it :) I dig the simple concept (one main product, many variations) as well as their colourful funky marketing. If anyone else has tried it, let me know!

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