September 28, 2007


I really quite like the new Dempsey. Yes it is atas and gentrified and somehow I just feel like I don't belong there, yet it gives a sense of calm and peacefulness. Set amid the lush greenery, the low-lying buildings create a sleepy village feeling. Only the parking situation and the expensive cars give away the demographics.

It was fun though. JW and I were at Barracks, the restaurant bistro in the House complex, which consist of a spa, restaurant and bar. Ecletically outfitted (think vintage meets MASH), the restaurant was pretty full for a Thursday night. There were no free tables and we had to sit at the counter (which was a kichen island and had 2 sinks fitted in it, yes house theme remember?) for the most part of our meal. We spied many celebrities (ok 3 but that's still many to me) and the food was surprisingly good. I didn't have high expectations for these new concept cafes, usually their food turns out s0-so with nice ambience and decor to compensate.

I had the Wild Mushroom Risotto, which was cooked to a nice consistency, with french beans (and not fava beans like described in the menu), tomatoes and of course mushrooms. It wasn't too cheesey (which is how i like it) and the veal sauce that was served with it complemented it well and cut the richness somewhat. Picture not very good below.
JW had the Ahi Taki Salad, which was seared spiced tuna chunks (very yummy and juicy) with avocado and arugula. I really liked the way the tuna was seasoned, definitely Asian touch with soy and ginger, and I don't know whether it was the size of the chunks or cut of the tuna but it tasted like really tender meat and not flaky like some cooked tuna, nor raw and fishy. The side of sweet potato fries were good too, tempura-fried and seasoned with sugar and sesame seeds. We also shared a Green Tea Tofu Tiramisu, which was alright, kinda grew on us haha. I thought the mascarpone cheese part would be substituted with some sort of tofu topping, but it actually was just sponge, with a piece of tofu and topped with mascarpone cheese. It's not as bad as I make it sound haha. But others have told me that the desserts here are great, will go back and try the recommended Chocolate Almond cake the next time.

I took a random picture at PS Cafe when Peirui and I had brunch. The nice setting of greenery and flowers always speaks out to me.

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