September 4, 2007

Stuff I Like

Yawn. Before I zonk out, thought I'd do a cursory post since I haven't done any in a long time.

To share some pretty sites I came across

Carnival & Co - A party planner/event venue/cupcake biz located in a house in Chip Bee Gardens (near Holland V). Great place from the pictures, my friend had a bachelorette party there recently where the programme was to make cupcakes. Sadly, I missed it. Would love to go and check it out one day.

Poppy - Think I've raved about it before already. Part of it is similar in concept to Carnival & Co, they do cakes and parties too in a very pretty venue as it seems from the pictures. Also in Chip Bee gardens. Difference is that they do flowers. Poppy started out as a florist in Tg Pagar, which is how I got to know about them. Damn pretty flowers, but also super expensive. Would love to get some flowers from here man. Always wonder whether it looks pretty only cos of the photography, but anyway, very inspired every time I visit this place.

Raindrops by Regina Spektor
- An indie artiste, Soviet-born American, singing cute songs mostly accompanied just by piano. Guess that's what drew me was the simplicity and clarity of the tunes. I really really like Raindrops. Em posted it on her blog and now I'm on a quest to find that song, which can't seem to be bought cos it was an unreleased demo?? And whatever I found on the Internet is not the full version. Ahhhh...

Oyako Don - Made this yesterday and am very pleased with the results. A good one person easy to make meal. Yum.

White Roses - Got a cheap dozen at the market, sitting prettily on my dresser. I hope they last a few more days but they look pretty open already.

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