September 12, 2007

No Reservations

Caught No Reservations last night with FY and Evan. FY wanted to watch it for Aaron Eckhart and Evan for Catherine Zeta-Jones and me? I wanted to watch it for the cooking heh. It was a so-so show, just kinda brainless but with few good moments. Anyway, after watching the show, I really feel like I wanna move to NYC and/or cook good food! I realise I really like to watch cooking shows, no surprise that one of my favourite channels is Food Network haha, though I don't really watch much Discovery Travel and Living now.

But watching is one thing, doing is another. I doubt I'll have the perseverence to actually learn how to cook properly in a school, or apprentice in kitchens where a common sight is pots and pans being thrown at you by the chef. I guess I'll just stick to being super amateur hobbyist.

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