October 25, 2008

I Need Detox from Retail Therapy

I've done great damage to my wallet. I think I was a mad woman on the loose this week. I bought 10 dresses. Yes, ten. T.E.N. 10. In like 4 days. Plus a whole bunch of other things. I'm like SUPER BROKE. This is not good. Sigh. I can't keep just buying stuff, I probably already doubled my wardrobe in the last few months. Clothes are spilling out everywhere. I don't even dare to take stock of my stuff.

Someone save me. I need to detox from shopping. NO MORE SHOPPING FOR THE NEXT MONTH. Well, at least until Christmas shopping starts.

Oh, and yay, detox is finally over! Good job to all my fellow detoxers, we did well. I errrr feel more energetic and healthier, I think? Oh definitely am not so dependent on caffeine anymore.

1 comment:

miss ene said...

You can throw some of your unused clothes my way! I'd be happy to catch them! ;)

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