October 23, 2008

Random Thoughts and Wants

I should drive more often with the top down, except that it's raining all the time these days. The stupid insurance is also getting so expensive that I'm thinking of selling the car. Bah.

Went shopping for a digital kitchen weighing scale yesterday after I was overcome by a sudden urge to replace my current lousy one that I blame for the weird mooncake proportions. I wonder when I'm actually even going to use it. I picked up a baking tray, frying slice along the way and decided that I need to get (someday) in no particular order:

- metal measuring spoons
- Le Creuset pots
- handheld torch for scorching sugar
- oven thermometer
- candy thermometer
- food processor & spice grinder, preferably together
- coffee machine
- ramekins and other nice flatware

I blame these retail impulses on the detox. Since I can't eat, I shop. Free smells at home right now, parents bought duck noodle soup. They bought prata 2 days ago (since when did they start buying food home??). You only start noticing all these food surrounding you when you can't have it. The crackers that are lying on the table you pass by everyday in front of a colleague, the donuts someone bought that you wouldn't have eaten normally cos they're too sweet, every vegetable and fruit screaming your name as you walk into a supermarket.

Actually today was much better than yesterday. I was only tempted by the muruku that my colleagues kept offering to me to tempt me, even proceeding to shower my feet with them (ok I exaggerate but a mountain of muruku did end up on my feet).

The UBS Verbier Chamber Orchestra was not bad, better than I expected since 1) the people I was supposed to host didn't turn up so I didn't have to talk to anyone, 2) I didn't fall asleep despite being super hungry and low energy! Similar to after watching ballet last week, I once again felt sad that I did not have an artistic talent, or just a talent that I can build upon to become one of the best in class. It was amazing to see people who dance or make music as their career. Following their passion, being the best that they could be for the world. And making the world a better and more beautiful place through music and dance.

My thoughts drifted to whether I could develop something I enjoy doing into a talent and make a living out of it. Flowers? Cupcakes? Cooking? Somehow they just don't seem to be substantial enough, both in terms of my interest and ability in it, as well as impact to people.

Oh well. Let's just finish this detox first.


jt said...

why the detox?
in any case, le creuset pots are awesome (although i use the grill the most). heck, i was even surprised by how good the spatula was when i started using one recently! my future apartment/house is so going to be stocked with that.

EL said...

You have Le Creuset???? I'M SO JEALOUS!

jt said...

what's there to be jealous about? Aiyah just wait for promotion period, then get two of their items at a discounted price. Not too bad. Esp if you end up using it quite a lot, as I did with the grill.

EL said...

you're a boy and you have le creuset :( i won't use it very much i think. i wanted to get the mini ones, so i can make one pot meals, but i was too cheapo to fork out 40 bucks for one small tiny one the size of a bowl.

jt said...

haha.. you have like thousands of dresses i bet, but only one body, and u can't bear to fork out a couple hundred for smthng you'll use for many years? =) it's good stuff.. i lugged a skillet and dutch oven all the way here lor. not that i've used the skillet =p

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