May 29, 2008

3.. 2.. 1...

So yesterday was a crazy day. Went to collect my flowers and met with all sorts of mishaps. Like how the flowers I ordered weren't available, colours all wrong, drenched in rain etc etc. Cos of the rain and my rush, some of my flowers died on me. Don't really care if a few cheap roses die, but my expensive hydrangeas completely wilted. I went into panic mode and went online to search for how to revive these delicate flowers. Basically the advice was to re-cut them and stick them in boiling water for 30 sec and put them back in regular water. That solution worked somewhat, except that they look like they're dying on me again tonight. How are they suppose so survive till Sat? Here are the before and after pictures.

Dead Hydrangeas Somewhat alive Hydrangeas

My plan was to order the flowers early enough so that I'd get the exact flowers I want and for them to have time to bloom. However it's turning to be pretty troublesome. Spent a few hours last night dethorning the roses, cutting the flowers to make sure they absorb water, sticking them into many many red pails and hope they come back alive and bloom. Luckily for me, most of them bloomed, I just hope that it's not the peak yet and they survive for 2 more days. you can see the peonies (2nd picture, pink flowers in the foreground) really in full bloom already.
Before conditioning After conditioning
I also spent some time working on my candy corner last night - doing up the jars and filling them with the jelly beans. The colours are very pretty if I may say so. I made some tags today to stick on the candy favour bags, and made some samples so people will know what to do. Now, if only I can find my candy scoop.

Some of the bridal party also came down to help decorate the church reception venue tonight. It was quite a bit of work, but we managed to get it done. It started looking out very much nicer with ceiling swags that joined (as seen in the picture below), but we soon discovered this was a hazard as they could get caught in the ceiling fans. We tested with the fans on and indeed one of the swags got caught and torn. So we had to take out all those that were close to the fan and just hang them kinda randomly while avoiding the fans.

Tomorrow morning I've gotta do up all the flowers. I really really hope they don't die on me.. and that I can finish it all up in time. The house is a huge mess still, I've no idea how it's going to magically clean itself before the wedding. Need a miracle!!

Goodnight world.

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