May 17, 2008

First Batch of Cupcakes!

After spending an entire afternoon with JY going to all the different bakery shops to suss them out - Phoon Huat, Sun Lik & Sia Huat (with a side trip to Raffles City along the way), I added a muffin tray, 24-pc nozzle set, palette knife and some measuring spoons to my baking assets. We then came back to my house and started our first attempt to bake something using my new tools, mixer and oven.

I chose to make the Chocolate Spiced Cupcakes from the recipe pack that I got from a demo class at Shermay's the last time as it seemed like it had the easiest and least complicated list of ingredients. Decided to pair that with Vanilla Cream Cheese & Sour Cream frosting - yum.

After mucking around a bit and creating a bit of a mess in the kitchen, our cupcakes were finally baking away in the oven :) Unfortunately, we only had enough batter for 7 cupcakes despite my large oven cos the cases I bought were bigger than the recipe's (it's supposed to make 12 cupcakes). Never mind, next time I know.

Started on the cream cheese frosting, and had a mini crisis and almost went into state of panic when I couldn't get the mixer to work. Luckily it was only cos I didn't slide some safety lock into place. Stupid me. Decided to use the star nozzle and experiment on frosting patterns haha.

So... drumroll.....

Tada, this is how the cupcakes turned out. Quite ok lah... JY and I decided to sprinkle some of the metallic sugar balls o them. Looks pretty but they were damn hard to eat. As my brother puts it - very old people-unfriendly.

Alright, that concludes the first (hopefully of many) baking adventures. Since this batch could only make 7, I'll make another bigger batch so that I can have more to give away!

1 comment:

Yellowgiraffe said...

hey you!
WELL DONE! your cupcakes look very good!
inspiring the extremely undomesticated me to try to bake!!! ermmm... i guess i should get my priorities right... catch up with sleep first! =)

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