May 11, 2008

More Retail Therapy!

Ho ho ho ho ho. I bought my oven! I got the Ariston one! (see post below for pic) It was on sale at $560, compared to the normal $689 albeit it's the older model with black handle and knobs (which is probably why it's on sale but who cares!) Wooohoooo!

Now I'm lusting after a KitchenAid mixer. Unfortunately it's super expensive in Singapore (MSRP $899), I know it can be gotten for about $700, but that's still a whopping lots of moolah compared to US$240 on Amazon :( I'm contemplating getting someone to lug it back for me. But problem is, it'll be the 110V version and not the 220V. Bah. Don't know if it'll work properly, the KitchenAid forums seem to indicate mixed reviews on using a transformer.

How how how? Am I even going to use it? Or will it just sit there and collect dust? Hahaha...

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