May 26, 2008

5 Days..

The wedding is 5 days away! So many things not done! Gah!

I think I've gone slightly overboard on the DIY stuff. Case in point - I went to the Upper Paya Lebar nursuries (Greenhub, Sing See Soon, GG Flowers) on Saturday and chanced upon these cool Curly Willow branches (at least that's what the florist told me they were, tho they really dun look like the normal ones). They weren't the normal kind you can get at the wholesale florists, with thicker stems and really curly smaller branches. The lady told me they were imported from Holland (read expensive). When I saw them, the neurons in my brain started firing away contemplating the stuff I could do with it. So of course I got suckered into buy two of these babies since I didn't want to leave there empty handed after coming all the way. I had actually hoped for Manzanita branches which I suppose you can't find in Singapore unless you import it yourself.

These are the regular curly willows and Manzanita branches..

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And mine looks like this...

They had come as 2 separate branches but I set them in plaster to make them into a tree, following the instructions here. The pot's from Ikea btw. But they're not as strong as the Manzanita branch. Hopefully I can still hang some sort of stuff on it... tho I don't think it'll be too many things.

I also went on a ribbon buying spree on Saturday after I got the branches. I'm planning to hang them from the tree, from the ceiling swags, and wherever they can help prettify the place. Here's my stash of ribbons in the wedding colours.

This tea set is apparently way back from my parents' wedding. Was pretty rusty when they were first taken out. Family heirloom see the light of day again.. Way to go WD40.

This is just the beginning of all the other stuff I need to get done... Tomorrow shall be cut cloth and cut ribbon day.

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angeline said...

are those branches like a happening thing in sg now? i have heaps! can't remember what they're called but they're really curly. oh! could be "tortured willow" cos they're so twisty and all..

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