September 13, 2010

Strawberry Mousse & Panna Cotta Pots

I had some leftover strawberries that needed to be used, and so I decided to whip up something simple. In the end, this endeavour took more effort than I envisioned as I foolishly decided to whip the cream by hand instead of using my Kitchenaid. And why? All because I didn't feel like washing the big mixing bowl. Yes, it is indeed silly of me to expend all that energy whipping the cream instead of washing a bowl. I was clearly not thinking straight!

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Strawberry Mouse & Panna Cotta Pots (makes 4)

Panna Cotta

200ml cream
100ml milk
45g sugar
3g gelatine powder
1 tsp water

Mix the gelatine powder with a tsp of cold water and let it bloom.
Bring the milk, cream and sugar to boil in saucepan. Turn off the heat once it starts to boil.
Add the gelatine and mix well, making sure it is all dissolved.
Cool down to room temperature, and then pour into pots/containers and leave in fridge to set.

Strawberry Mousse
150g strawberry puree
2g gelatine powder
200ml cream
30g sugar
1 tsp water

Mix the gelatine with the water and let it bloom.
Heat sugar with strawberry puree until sugar has melted. Add the gelatine to it and mix well until dissolved. Cool down to room temperature.
Whisk cream until stiff peaks. Fold in strawberry mixture until well mixed.
Spoon or pipe the strawberry mousse over the panna cotta and leave it in the fridge to set.

Strawberry Glaze
3 tbsp strawberry jam
50g strawberry puree

Heat up the strawberry jam with the puree until well mixed. Cool to room temperature and pour a thin layer over the top of each pot. Return to fridge to set.


Divas and dreams photography blog said...

Oh wow, this looks so yummi....I gotta try to make this, I´m sure my kids would love them too :-)

Thanks for your sweet comment. I think your blog is lovely too and your design is so pretty, your color combo and your taste is amazing.

Take care

Hugs Christina

Anonymous said...

this looks sooooo pretty and delish, you're one talented miss!! you're inspiring me to get my baking act together again!

Ingrid said...

These look amazing and I love the way you have laid the images out - makes it very easy to follow the recipe.
Ingrid x BYW

Jamie said...

These are fabulous! I've been itching to make panna cotta again but your double dessert of panna cotta and mousse puts my little simple dessert to shame! This is simply gorgeous!

thepassionatecook said...

loving your pictures... and craving that panna cotta! the strawberries here in s'pore leave much to desire... waiting for ozzie season to officially open!

heavenwildfleur said...

passionatecook: thanks! i totally agree that strawberries in sg are pretty blah... most of the time sour and anaemic looking :( can't beat the fresh produce in europe...

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